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Longbow Mobile Monitor Commissioning

Chief Fire recently commissioned this Longbow Mobile Monitor at 8,000 GPM (30,283 LPM)

This particular system uses our Dragon XL nozzle and is rated for 10,000 GPM (37,854 LPM); it has the capability of 12,000 GPM (45,425 LPM) with a larger monitor and nozzle.

Otter™ Performs in a Nor'easter

The Otter™ Pump performs well in extreme weather conditions.

Freezing temperatures (32 degrees Fahrenheit), high winds (30+ mph), and a wintry mix were not enough to hold back The Otter™. We achieved 2,000 GPM and had a fantastic commissioning of this unit. A big thanks to East Brandywine Fire Department for helping us out!

Panama Canal: An Otter™ Demonstration

The patent-pending Otter™ System debuted in South America in December 2017.

The Panama Canal was a perfect place to hold an impressive demonstration with the Panama Fire Department. Chief Fire was able to show the power and versatility of the Otter pump in a real-life situation. 

In Action: The Otter Pump™

Patent-pending ultra-lightweight fully composite floating submersible source pump

Chief Fire's high-volume floating submersible source pump is a portable "floating hydrant" that provides reliable positive pressure water supply to fire pumper apparatus for firefighting or dewatering.

Testing the Javelin-HD

November 2017 - We tested the Javelin-HD Mobile Monitor while our friends from Elkhart Brass Company were in town. The Javelin-HD is a lightweight trailer-mounted monitor capable of delivering up to 5,000 GPM (18,927 LPM) of water/foam solution.

Otter™ Pump Commissioning

The World's First Patent-Pending Composite Floating Source Pump

On November 10, 2017, we had a demonstration with the help of the East Brandywine Fire Department. Here is some drone footage of the successful test.

A sneak peek into what makes Chief Fire's products one-of-a-kind. Our goal is simple: To elevate the municipal firefighting industry to help save lives.

Hybrid Pump Commissioning

A crew of fire fighters and Chief Fire's team seen testing the high volume, high pressure hybrid pumping series.

Chief Fire: Fun at Work

Drone footage & testing

At Chief Fire, our products set us apart. We place all our time and effort into providing the best possible solutions. Seen here: A little fun while testing some of the latest products.

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