Chief Fire commissions Longbow and Otter™ system for clients

On cold February and march days, chief Fire was able to Successfully test the otter system in extreme conditions and also flow the 8,000 GPM Longbow Mobile Monitor (rated for 10,000 GPM)

West Chester, PA. March 6, 2018/News and Updates/ -- Chief Fire, an American manufacturer and fire apparatus expert located in the Greater Philadelphia area successfully tested the Longbow mobile monitor and Otter for clients.

February 27th was a great day to test the Longbow mobile monitor at 8,000 GPM (30,283 LPM) with our custom Dragon XL nozzle. The unit (below) was specified with 6 x 5" Storz  inlets and the test used 2 x 8" supply lines split through multiple wyes into 8 x  5" lines. The 'throw' during this test was 400 feet, though running at higher pressures will result in improved performance. 

March 2nd was a Nor'easter in Pennsylvania, but that didn't stop the Otter from optimal performance during extreme conditions. The wintry mix, 32°F temperatures, and high winds (30mph) did not stop the Otter from running 2,000 GPM. A big thanks to East Brandywine Fire Department for helping us out and staging this successful test.

"Whether it's sunny and calm or windy and stormy, we understand the reliability and performance of our products is key" said CEO Kyle Chandler. "We take pride in our products being durable and reliable during the most extreme weather conditions. We know there's often unpredictable weather during challenging fire fights, and we are proud Chief's products stand up to the test."

It's Chief Fire's goal to empower you, your organization, and your community. Whether we are building the powerful Longbow mobile monitor, or the versatile Otter System, our ultimate mission is to give our clients the most reliable firefighting products in the industry. 

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About Chief Fire

Chief Fire is a premier all-inclusive firefighting manufacturer, servicer, and fire consulting firm located in the Greater Philadelphia area. Our mission is to develop and deliver the most innovative and performance-driven hazard control solutions in the world. 

Chief designs and manufactures a variety of mobile industrial and municipal firefighting apparatus, specializing in custom high-volume pumping systems, front-line mobile monitors, tactical support systems, and specialty control systems.

Chief’s engineering and consulting branch provides unique, tactful, and innovative ways to solve the fire industry’s most pressing problems.


Kevin Patton


Longbow mobile monitor shooting 8,000 GPM
Otter pump flowing 2,000 GPM to a fire engine.