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Services and Solutions

Chief Fire offers a full range of services and solutions to the fire industry. From fire protection
engineering and code consulting services to custom designs, full-scale pump services, and OEM solutions, we can solve your most challenging problems.

Our highly qualified consulting, engineering, and management teams have collectively served a
variety of industries, including:

  • Defense

  • Education

  • Energy

  • Financial

  • Government

  • Healthcare

  • Manufacturing

  • Technology

  • Telecommunications

  • ...and more

Chief Fire CEO Kyle Chandler speaking to a group of Fire Chiefs

Because our team’s combined experience spans more than two centuries working with both small
companies ($100,000 revenue) and large companies ($30+ billion revenue), we have seen it all.


We can help scope your project to your unique needs and customize a plan that works for you.
We can help with the following:

Fire Protection Engineering and Consulting

  • Fire Protection System Evaluations

  • Water Supply Evaluations

  • Fire Risk Assessments

  • Technical support for water infrastructure improvement

  • Foam Systems Design for Low, Medium and High Expansion Foam Systems

  • Foam Firefighting Planning and Equipment Specification/Special Hazards Specialists

  • Specification Development for Customized Solutions

Planning and Tactical

  • Emergency pre-planning for:

    • Commercial Property

    • Fire Department Operations

    • Resource Assessments

    • Firefighting Water Supply and Evaluation

    • Dewatering and Flood Mitigation

  • Fire Water Supply Planning and Design

Project Management

  • Large-scale Project Technical Oversight

  • Supplier/OEM Production and Logistics Management

  • Commissioning and Training

Custom Design and Manufacture of High Volume Pumping Solutions and Hose Systems for:

  • Tactical Fire Department Water Supply

  • Dewatering Operations and Flood Mitigation

  • Foam Fire Protection Systems

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