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2018 Articles

International Firefighter (IFF) Magazine

"Salvatore J. Izzo III gives us a fascinating insight into Important Considerations of Water Supply Preplanning for Commercial Structure Fires."

Water Supply Preplanning is more than just knowing general hydrant locations and putting the 'wet stuff on the red stuff'. There are many considerations that need to be investigated to mitigate those major fire incidents when you realize the basic supply is not doing the job...

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2017 Articles

International Firefighter (IFF) Magazine

The Rural Water Supply Challenge by Chief Fire CEO Kyle Chandler  

Countless rural communities around the globe face an endemic problem, a loack of a pressurized hydrant water infrastructure. Lacking this critical component in emergency response forces these communities to rely on alternative water supplies, including dry hydrants and accessible open water suction points and hauled water tanker shuttle...


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