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The Otter™ pump is the world's first ultra-lightweight fully composite submersible pump used for remote water sourcing and flood control operations. The Power Unit can be mounted on a standard pick up truck with a 6.5’ bed and a 3200lb payload. Using the latest advancements in composite body technology, the Otter™ (Patent pending) weighs in at only 85 lbs (38.5 kg), while still being able to produce flows up to 2000 GPM (7570 LPM). Being physically manageable by one or two firefighting personnel is a unique deployment advantage, greatly simplifying loading and general use.

Due to its unique lightweight design, the main power unit can remain at an easily accessible location (i.e. street level) while the pump is carried/lowered to the remote water source (subway tunnels, flood channels, etc.) up to 100 feet away (depending on the hydraulic umbilical length). The discharge connection on the Otter™ uses a standard 5” Storz adapter, which can be further adapted to multiple lines to reduce pressure loss for the pump.


power Unit 
Chief Fire Otter System Overall Dimensions



1473 mm



1219 mm



1981 mm

Total Weight

3200 lbs

1451 kg


John Deere Diesel, 140 HP PowerTech E™

Fuel Tank

4 hour run time at rated performance



Structural Steel Frame with Aluminum Enclosure

submersible pump 
Chief Fire Otter Composite Submersible Pump Overall Dimensions



533 mm



584 mm



508 mm

Total Weight

85 lbs

38.5 kg

Nominal Flow Rate

 2000 GPM @102 Ft (44 psi)

 Hydraulic Motor

 Parker-Hannifin F12-30 Motor with stainless steel quick connects

 Pump Casing

 Corrosion-proof fiber reinforced polymer composite

 Pump Impeller

 Corrosion-proof structural reinforced graphite polymer composite

360 Degree Otter View
Otter Front View
Otter Front View

A front view of the Otter system where the ROM door is located.

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Otter System Angled
Otter System Angled

An angled view of the Otter system showing the ROM door.

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Otter System Open ROM Pump Out
Otter System Open ROM Pump Out

The Otter System with the pump removed and ready to be placed into any body of water.

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Otter Front View
Otter Front View

A front view of the Otter system where the ROM door is located.

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Features and Benefits of the otter Pump

The otter pump has immense benefits being the first and only composite source pump

  • The world's first composite, compact, ultra-lightweight, high-volume floating submersible source pump

  • Portable "floating hydrant"™ providing reliable positive pressure water supply to fire pumper apparatus

  • Superior corrosion-proof and corrosion-resistant properties in both fresh and salt water

  • No priming or drafting required

  • Increases availability and accessibility of more open water sources. May allow opportunity for improved water supply credit for insurance rating

  • Physically manageable by one or two emergency personnel for ease of deployment and retrieval

  • Deployment flexibility over a wide variety of terrain and infrastructure configurations

  • May improve water shuttle operations by eliminating a drafting engine and providing faster tanker/tender fill times

  • Easily refueled while operating during long-term operations

  • Power unit enclosure skid can remain at an easily accessible location remote from water supply, up to 100 ft

  • Can be operated in environmentally sensitive areas. Uses non-toxic, biodegradable hydraulic fluid

Perfect for the most dire fire fighting situations

The Otter System is capable of getting to water sources that a normal fire fighting apparatus cannot. It enhances the ability to access more open water sources previously deemed unattainable for fire fighting purposes.

Unique Partnership capabilities

Rent it.   Finance It.   Buy it.

At Chief Fire, we understand the unique circumstances every company encounters. That's why we offer flexible partnerships to cater to your one-of-a-kind needs. 


Chief Fire will assemble, test, stock, and deploy The Otter™ pump on behalf of your company. Daily, weekly, or monthly rental options.


​Need a solution that fits your budget? Chief Fire and Univest can help. With 100% financing and competitive rates, we can work together to get the equipment you need, now.

Purchase The Otter™ and unleash it’s full potential.  A perfect solution to rural water supply or flood dewatering is at your fingertips. Service contracts available per request.


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