Otter Commissioning at Marsh Creek State Park

The world's first fully composite ultra-lightweight floating source pump was successfully able to supply enough water to power 2 deck guns on 2 different fire engines (4 total deck guns)

West Chester, PA. Nov. 13, 2017/News and Updates/ -- Chief Fire, an American manufacturer located in the Greater Philadelphia area tested and demonstrated the Otter pump at Marsh Creek State Park in Downingtown, PA on Friday, Nov. 10, 2017. The Otter was successfully able to supply enough water to two apparatus mounted master stream appliances and two TFT Blitzfire Monitor nozzles (4 total deck guns).

With the help of the East Brandywine Fire Department, Chief commissioned the Otter Pump. Chief's entire team was on deck, including high-flow pump solution experts, fire protection engineers, and its team of mechanical and electrical engineers.

The Otter™ pump is the world's first ultra-lightweight fully composite submersible pump used for remote water sourcing and flood control operations. The Power Unit can be mounted on a standard pick up truck with a 6.5’ bed and a 2750lb payload. Using the latest advancements in composite body technology, the Otter™ (Patent pending) weighs in at only 85 lbs (38.5 kg), while still being able to produce flows up to 2000 GPM (7570 LPM). Being physically manageable by one or two firefighting personnel is a unique deployment advantage, greatly simplifying loading and general use.​

In addition to Friday's demonstration, the Otter was tested in Ryan Township on Sunday, Nov. 12, 2017 alongside Ryan Township Fire Department, Mahanoy Fire Department, and Got Big Water Associates.

About Chief Fire
Chief Fire is an American manufacturer located in the Greater Philadelphia area. Our mission is to develop and deliver the most innovative and performance driven hazard control solutions in the world. Our specialized team of engineers work tirelessly to provide a tailored solution to the customer.

Chief designs and manufactures a variety of mobile industrial fire fighting apparatus including custom high­volume pumping systems, front­line mobile monitors, tactical support systems and specialty control systems. Additionally, Chief develops fixed system technology for commercial and industrial fire suppression.


Kevin Patton