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Chief Fire Completes 10,000 GPM Longbow

High-Volume. High-Pressure. High Performance. Chief Fire's longbow won't disappoint.

West Chester, PA. February 16, 2018/News and Updates/ -- Chief Fire, an American manufacturer and fire apparatus expert located in the Greater Philadelphia area recently completed the high-volume Longbow for one of its clients.

The Longbow is a mobile monitor trailer rated up to 12000 GPM using folding outriggers for extra stability. The extended platform and footprint allows the unit 360 degrees horizontal coverage. All piping is stainless steel with a standard 12” Storz inlet provided. Various other inlet options are available as well as unit customization (flow rate, color, electric or wireless control, etc.).

"At Chief Fire, we strive to build the highest quality firefighting solutions for our customers," said CEO Kyle Chandler. "We value an innovative approach over the traditional way to fire protection pumping and water supply issues. Our Longbow embodies that. And because our team is comprised of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and fire protection engineers, we are able to design, build, and deliver custom solutions for our customers, improving their ability fight fires."

It's Chief Fire's goal to empower you, your organization, and your community. Whether we are building highly mobile firefighting apparatuses like the Longbow, or an all-inclusive integrated system like our Hybrid Pump, our ultimate mission is to give our clients the most reliable firefighting products in the industry. 

What our clients have come to understand is: You can depend on Chief Fire when it means most.

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About Chief Fire

Chief Fire is a premier all-inclusive firefighting manufacturer, servicer, and fire consulting firm located in the Greater Philadelphia area. Our mission is to develop and deliver the most innovative and performance-driven hazard control solutions in the world. 

Chief designs and manufactures a variety of mobile industrial and municipal firefighting apparatus, specializing in custom high-volume pumping systems, front-line mobile monitors, tactical support systems, and specialty control systems.

Chief’s engineering and consulting branch provides unique, tactful, and innovative ways to solve the fire industry’s most pressing problems.


Kevin Patton


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