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Chief Large Tank Fire Solutions (LTFS) are the most comprehensive in the industry, providing a turn-key emergency response solution to dedicated first responders. Our specialized team of engineers works tirelessly to provide a tailored solution to the customer rates as a venturi device for foam solutions up to 3%.

Chief has a plethora of large-scale pumping units such as boost pumps (in excess of 10,000 GPM), floating source pumps (in excess of 15,000 GPM), and hybrid pumping units, combining the benefits of both boost and floating source pump technologies for unparalleled levels of pumping power.

With strategic partnerships around the globe, the Chief Fire team and its global partners can quickly address difficult fire protection design challenges and can meet immediate field service needs to keep your fire fighting systems, regardless of brand, fully functional.

Products and solutions:

Pump Systems

  • Boost Pumps

  • Floating Source Pumps

  • Hybrid Pumps

Hose Retrieval Equipment

  • Hose Trailers

  • Hose Flaking Trailers

  • Hose Containers

Ro-Ro Equipment Containers


  • Foam Concentrate

  • Foam Proportioning

  • Foam Trailers

Monitor Systems

  • Mobile Monitors

  • Elevated Monitors



The Longbow is a mobile monitor trailer rated up to 12000 GPM using folding outriggers for extra stability. The extended platform and footprint allows the unit 360 degrees horizontal coverage. All piping is stainless steel with a standard 12” Storz inlet provided. Various other inlet options are available as well as unit customization (flow rate, color, electric/wireless control, etc.).

Horizontal Range

360 Degree


Straight Bore or



Nominal Flow

12,000 GPM

45,425 LPM

Monitor Size

8 or 10 Inch

System Weight

8,000 LBS

3,629 KG


The Javelin is a lightweight trailer-mounted monitor capable of delivering up to 6000 GPM (22712 LPM) of water/foam solution. Designed to be towed by a light-duty truck, the monitor can be quickly delivered to the
developing hazard and put to work once available hose lines and pumping systems have been attached. The entire frame of the unit lowers to the ground for added stability during use. Monitor control is accomplished through manual hand wheels by a single fireman. Foam can be proportioned into the trailer through a self-educting nozzle: The nozzle operates as a venturi device for foam solutions up to 3%.

Horizontal Range

360 Degree



Self-Educting (0-3%) or Water Only​


Nominal Flow

6,000 GPM

22,712 LPM

Monitor Size

6 Inch

System Weight

3750 LBS

1700 KG

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