Roll-On Roll-Off containers are an ideal and cost-effective alternative to multiple hose trailers or trucks. 

Chief Fire’s container systems allow large quantities of hoses and associated equipment including hose ramps, tools, and accessories to be efficiently stored while at the same time keeping it ready for quick deployment. 

Roll-On Roll-Off container systems also ensure critical water supplies can be established at any time as back-up prime movers can be utilized should the primary transport vehicle be unavailable due to mechanical problems or other reasons.


Chief offers fully customizable hose flaking trailers in order to meet specific customer needs and applications. Our standard flaking trailers offer 5000 ft (1520 m) storage of 5” hose inside of ventilated aluminum beds. Dividers provide additional flexibility of storage configuratures and our customized trailers offer endless options. 

Storage for 5" Hose 

5,000' (1520 m)

Available Options

Combined Removable Hose Storage Bins, Foam Tote Storage, Underdeck Stainless Steel Foam/Water Piping, UV Resistant Vinyl Hose Covers, Diamond Plate Toolboxes, Anti-Slip Decking, Mounting for Hydraulic Hose Retrieval Units


Chief offers standard and customer-specific hose reel trailer that make retrieving large diameter hose (LDH) fast and simple.


Chief Hose Reel Trailer incorporate a hydraulic power unit (HPU) offered in either a skid-mount or a trailer direct mounted configuration. Hose reels are designed with efficiency and operator safety in mind. A hard-wired or wireless radio controller is provided with each trailer so operators can freely move around the trailer.


The speed control gives the operator the option to quickly reel hose in or out in emergency situations. Each standard storage reel holds 2500 ft (762 m) of storage for 6” hose. For 12” hose, each reel is subdivided into two sections, each of which can store up to 660 ft (200 m) for a total of 1320 ft (400 m).

Storage Per Reel

6" Hose: 2,500 Feet (762 m)

12" Hose: 2 x 660 Feet (2 x 200 m)


Chief Fire Hose Rack eliminates the need to carry heavy fire hose from fixed racks or storerooms to trucks. They help keep clean hose by keeping it off the floor while reloading and are designed to hold both lay flat hose as well as suction hoses.

Feathuring all steel steel construction, these strudy carriers are built with a compact frame.

The racks are equipped with four large heavy-duty, lockable caster wheels which swivel for easy steering and provide excellent maneuverability.


Highly portable;

Roll it where needed; Store it where convenient