Chief Fire Foam Tote Trailer Gifted to Detroit Fire Department

One Trailer is used for Client, while the other is generously gifted to Detroit Fire Department

West Chester, PA. July 31, 2018/News and Updates/ -- Chief Fire, an American manufacturer and fire apparatus expert located in the Greater Philadelphia area recently completed and delivered two dual tote foam trailers a client based in Michigan.

The idea and motivation to purchase foam trailers from Chief arose from a January 2018 incident at a recycling scrapyard owned by the customer. Detroit fire crews responded to a fire that burned for several hours before becoming completely under control. Because of the quick response from Detroit Fire Department (DFD), they were gifted one of the Chief-built foam tote trailers. 

"Having a continuous large volume flow of extinguishing agent, delivered at a safe distance, will assist DFD in upgrading its capabilities to save lives, prevent firefighter injuries and reduce property damage in Detroit," said Fire Commissioner Eric Jones.

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Firefighters operate high-volume remote-controlled monitors from a safe distance. Standard self-educting automatic nozzle flow rates are available up to 2000 GPM (7570 LPM) and allow for a capable firefighting platform against small fires while simultaneously supporting larger equipment. On each trailer are two 265-gallon foam totes; both can be continuously filled while running via a foam transfer pump through the integrated plumbing and valve system in the deck. The foam is also biodegradable, EPA approved, and easily treated in sewage treatment plants.

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Chief Fire’s foam tote trailers even ended up on the local news in Detroit. Thanks to Fox 2 for covering the great story about Ferrous and Detroit Fire Department. Read the article here or watch the video here.

For more information on our foam tote trailers, head over to our support equipment page.

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