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The Floating Source (FSP) pumping system is a mobile hydraulically driven submersible pumping system. An industrial power unit powers a single or multi­-output (for multiple deployed pumps) variable displacement hydraulic pumping unit, which then pumps pressurized hydraulic fluid into a hydraulic motor­-driven submersible pump. The FSP can be configured into a variety of arrangements such as a trailer, enclosed skid, Ro-­Ro skid, or even customized to either integrate into or be transported by your equipment. The FCS4 source pumps utilize the latest advancements in composite technology to accomplish an ultra­-lightweight design. While being manageable by one or two firemen, each individual submersible pump can still attain a capacity of up to 5000 GPM (18930 LPM). Up to 3 pumps can be combined into a single FSP unit. The FSP sees its usage not only in supplying high volume water to boost pumping systems such as the Hurricane system or firetrucks, but it can also serve as a valuable tool during de­-flooding and disaster response operations. Due to its unique lightweight submersible pump, the main power unit can remain at an easily accessible location (i.e. street level) while the pumps are carried/lowered to remote water sources (subway tunnels, flood channels, etc.) up to 150 feet away. The discharge connection on the submersible pump uses a standard 8” Storz connection or can be customized for customer preferred connections and hose.


Diesel Engine




 Submersible Pump

Hydraulically-Driven Ultra-Lightweight Structural Composite Body


Flow Rated Per Source Pump

1,000 - 5,000 GPM

3,785 - 18,930 LPM

Number of Source Pumps Per Unit

Max 3

Total Flow

3,000 GPM - 15,000 GPM

11,355 LPM - 56,970 LPM

Pump Connections

Standard 8" Storz

Hydraulic Hose Reel

Standard 100 Feet (30 Meters)

Max of 150 Feet (46 Meters)

Control System

Parker IQAN MD4-5 or
FRC INControl 400

Trailer Options

Urethane Enamel Coated Aluminum Skin Enclosure And Box Frame (Powdercoat Available), Urethane Enamel Coated Steel Underframe (Powdercoat Available), Scene Lighting And Interior Work Lighting, Fuel Capacity Of 8 Hours At Full Power, Anti-Slip Internal Working Surfaces, Internal Storage For Supply Hoses From Submersible Pumps, Internal Hydraulic Hose Reel For Submersible Pump Deployment, Rear Ramp For Deployment Of Submersible Pump (If Requested), Electrically Driven Winch For Pump Retrieval All Skids And Trailers Designed For Simple Ocean And Air Freight Shipment 

FCS4 Pump

The Chief FCS4 is the world’s first floating composite submersible pump (Patent Pending), providing high-performance pumping capacities (up to 5000 GPM) with superior corrosion resistance in a compact, lightweight design. The pump casing is made from a resin encased multi-layer double weave fiberglass cloth shell able to withstand impact and a lifetime of saltwater use that far surpasses aluminum, bronze, and stainless technologies. Additionally, the impeller is made from structural graphite composite, significantly reducing weight from a traditional bronze or steel impeller. With a mass of approximately 150 lbs, the unit can be deployed by a two man team, providing tactical flexibility to emergency response crews in fire fighting and de-watering operations.












Total Weight

150 lbs


Casing Material

Fiber (Glass or Carbon)

Reinforced Plastic

Impeller Material

Structural Graphite (Carbon Fiber)

Hydraulic Motor



Intake Screen

Stainless Steel


Powdercoated Aluminum


8" Polymer

FCS4 Specifications

Example Situations

In a catastrophic flooding scenario, a Floating Source Pump is used to expedite de-flooding operations. Single submersible pumps can pump up to 5,000 GPM (18,900 LPM), while single pumping modules can contain up to 3 submersible pumps. The FSP's ultra-lightweight composite submersible pump makes it simple enough to maneuver by hand through cavernous passages and structures.