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The Boost Pumping System is driven by an industrial power unit and either mounted within a skid or on a trailer. The pump can be either an end-suction or horizontal split case. The Boost Pumping Series can operate as either a single pump unit located at the draft source or in a series as a relay pump. The unit is equipped with passive safety features such as engine monitoring and prevention of over-pressurization of the discharge hose. The Boost Pumping Series also features a Spectrum control panel that allows both RPM control or discharge pressure control, allowing the user flexibility during operation. 


Diesel Engine









Flow Rates

1,000 - 11,000 GPM 

@150 PSI Discharge

3,785 - 41,640 LPM

@ 1034 kPa Discharge

Manifolds and Piping

Passivated Stainless Steel


4", 5" & 6" Storz Gate Valves, 2-1/2" Ball Valves

Suction Lines

6" Flexible Hard Suction with Basket Strainer


Storz, NH, Victaulic and Multi-Lug

All Available


ROM Enclosure Sealed Spectrum Controller


Trident Air-Primers​


Around-The-Pump Foam Proportioning, Wireless Control, Top-Mount Monitor, Custom Inlets/Outlets, Higher Discharge Pressure and more...

Trailer Options

8 Hour Fuel Capacity at Full Power, Anti-Slip Working Surfaces, Hitch Coupler (Ball, Pintle Hook ect.), Electric Brakes with Emergency Breakaway Protection (Hydraulic Brakes Also Available), Interior and Exterior Lighting, Wheel Chocks, LED Trailer Lighting per US Dot Regulations, On-Board Storage Available for Suction Hoses

Example Situations

In a shallow draft situation (15 feet or less), a Boost Pumping System is deployed similar to a firetruck. Flexible hard-suction lines are deployed into the open water source, and downstream hose and devices are readied. High-volume, high-pressure water is delivered downstream to a mobile monitor trailer for tank fire fighting.

What's your scenario? Check out these videos
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