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Fire Apparatus Service & Custom Fabrication

Our Chester County-based facility serves the proud fire and rescue organizations of Eastern Pennsylvania and tri-state area with support and dependability. We take pride in being part of your community to help save lives and property. We employ expert fire truck and maintenance technicians who have the ability to work on any brand of fire apparatus.

We know the lives of your community members are of utmost importance. With Chief Fire’s high flow pump experts, we can ensure your fire apparatus and tools are working to their full ability. Through custom tool mounting, pump repairs, ongoing maintenance, custom
fabrication, and modifications, Chief Fire can be your premiere fire apparatus expert.

Pump Repairs and Maintenance

  • Has the fire pump on your truck had its annual maintenance?

  • Do you have a truck or apparatus maintenance program?

Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:30 pm Eastern Time

Tel: 484-693-0750 (Also for 24 hour assistance)


Chief Fire CEO Kyle Chandler speaking to a group of Fire Chiefs
Chief Fire CEO Kyle Chandler speaking to a group of Fire Chiefs

Chief Fire’s high flow pump solutions engineers are masters of their craft. We can thoroughly assess, repair, and optimize the ability of your pump, monitors, and more to ensure they’re working to their
full expectations. We can also arrange a custom maintenance and service program specifically for your department and apparatuses.

Custom Tool Mounting

  • Do you have a truck in your fleet with new equipment that doesn’t quite fit the compartment layout

  • Do you and your staff have limited time to do the work?


Chief Fire is your one-stop solution for custom tool mounting and fabrication. Let our expert team of mechanical engineers and fire apparatus experts help you design the layout and mount the tools.

Custom Fabrication and Modifications

  • Is something essential missing on your truck?

  • Do you need a custom design or modification for a truck in your apparatus fleet?

With over a century of experience in engineering, custom fabrication, and fire fighting equipment  manufacturing, Chief Fire can help you with your most difficult and time sensitive projects. We can keep you running so you can continue to protect your community members.


Strengthen your fleet with ours.

Questions about service? Let us help. 

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Chief Fire CEO Kyle Chandler speaking to a group of Fire Chiefs
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