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Chief offers standard and customer specific hose reel trailers that make retrieving large diameter hose (LDH) fast and simple. Chief hose reel trailers incorporate a hydraulic power unit (HPU) offered either as a skid-mount or a trailer direct mount option. Hose reels are designed with efficiency and operator safety in mind. A hard-wired or wireless radio controller is provided with each trailer so operators can freely move around the trailer. Speed control gives the user the option to reel in/out hose fast in emergency situations. Each standard storage reel offers 2500 ft (762 m) of storage for 6” hose. For 12” hose, each reel is subdivided into two sections, each section holding 660 ft (200 m) for a total of 1320 ft (400 m).

Storage Per Reel

6" Hose: 2,500 Feet (762 m)

12" Hose: 2 x 660 Feet (2 x 200 m)

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