Chief Fire Attends IAFC's Fire-Rescue International Conference

Expo Attendees were able to feel, lift, and move the patent-pending Otter™ pump

West Chester, PA. August 14, 2018/News and Updates/ -- Chief Fire, an American manufacturer and fire apparatus expert located in the Greater Philadelphia area attended & exhibited at the Fire-Rescue International (FRI) conference presented by the International Association of Fire Chief's (IAFC) from August 8th - 11th in Dallas, TX.

FRI, the annual conference and expo of IAFC "provides senior-level leadership training to fire chiefs. As an organization, IAFC represents the world's leading experts in the first responder community. IAFC's commitment to excellence is seen throughout FRI—from the classroom to the expo, IAFC delivers when it comes to quality and value."

From the moment the doors were opened on Thursday evening, the expo floor was buzzing with excitement. Chief Fire's booth saw a lot of traffic throughout the length of the expo (and it wasn't just because of the Koozie® giveaway!).

Generating that buzz & traffic was the patent-pending Otter Pump on display. Expo attendees were able to feel the power of world's first and only 2,000 GPM floating submersible composite pump. Both new friends and old could inspect it, lift it, and move it around.


In addition, we had excellent conversations discussing our various engineered solutions and mobile firefighting systems to help solve problems firefighters are facing in both the industrial and municipal markets.

FRI Chief Fire Booth.jpg

The multiple-day conference & expo also featured our partner, Chief Depot, and their products. On display were examples of Chief Depot's double jacket fire hose and a US Coupling jumbo wye. Attendees were able to take a brochure to see the full variety of products Chief Depot offers online.

Chief Depot Booth FRI Conference.jpg

"FRI Dallas 2018 was a tremendous event for Chief Fire" said Ed Draves, Business Analyst at Chief Fire. "Being able to physically touch and see our products allowed industry professionals to imagine the future of firefighting. Sure, brand new shiny pumps are great, but people want innovation - they want something new. And that's what Chief Fire gave them: The world's most powerful ultra-lightweight composite pump. Additionally, conference-goers were able to see our value added services. Chief's engineers were able to listen to real-life problems of firefighters and deliver a solution on paper right in front of them. That in itself truly sets us apart."

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth at FRI. We can't wait for next year's event! For now, you can find more information about the Otter pump system by clicking here.

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About Chief Fire

Chief Fire is a premier all-inclusive firefighting manufacturer, servicer, and fire consulting firm located in the Greater Philadelphia area. Our mission is to develop and deliver the most innovative and performance-driven hazard control solutions in the world. 

Chief designs and manufactures a variety of mobile industrial and municipal firefighting apparatus, specializing in custom high-volume pumping systems, front-line mobile monitors, tactical support systems, and specialty control systems.

Chief’s engineering and consulting branch provides unique, tactful, and innovative ways to solve the fire industry’s most pressing problems.


Kevin Patton